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Friendly Bean Coffee
Friendly Bean Coffee Company
420 NE Barry Rd
Kansas City, MO 64155 Friendly Bean Coffee Shop

We are a coffee shop and roasterie in Kansas City, Missouri that is dedicated to offering some of the finest assortment of fresh roasted coffee available in an atmosphere that is warm, inviting, and well, friendly! We've been around since 2003, and hope to be around for many more years serving our community. Come visit us at our new location at 420 NE Barry Rd.-- at the corner of Barry Rd and North Oak Trafficway. We'd love to have you stop by.

If not, feel free to use this website to provide your coffee needs. We'll do our best to serve you.

Thanks for visiting!

About Our Coffees

We work hard to only secure coffees that are of excellent quality-- all of our coffees are of the highest grade from their respective countries. We also work hard to ensure that the farmers who produce these excellent coffees are getting a fair price for their crops. For this reason, whenever possible, we try to purchase coffees where the importers have direct relationships with the farmers-- where they are usually paid significantly above C-market prices and where there are noticeable benefits to both the farmer and their employees.

About Our Roasting Process

Our roaster is a 15 Kilo roaster manufactured by Ambex, which we like because of it's responsiveness and overall ability to control all aspects of the roast. We roast each coffee to specific profiles that highlight each coffee's unique flavors. To ensure consistency, we have our roaster hooked up to a laptop computer that digitally records and tracks the roast to ensure a consistent roast every time (it's a pretty cool gizmo!).

About our Roast Levels

Light Roast:  Coffee is roasted just past first crack and coffee has a light brown color to it. This is often also called "City Roast". Coffees roasted to this level feature an appealing brightness or acidity of that would be lost with a darker roast.

Medium Roast: Coffee is roasted to just before or the start of second crack. Coffee is a deep brown color with little to no oils on the surface. This is often called "Full City Roast". We roast most of our coffees to this level to balance body and acidity and produce a smoother, richer cup.

Medium - Dark Roast: Coffee is roasted into second crack, but not through it. This is often called a "Full City +" or "Vienna" roast. Coffees roasted to this level will often exhibit more of a bittersweet chocolateyness to them, but you will begin to taste more roast flavor than coffee origin flavor.

Dark Roast: Coffee is roasted to the latter part or past second crack and coffee has dark brown, almost black oily surface. This is often called "French Roast". While we don't typically recommend this roast for coffee lovers because the flavor of the origin coffees is largely diminished and most of what is left is roast flavor, many customers are used to this flavor and this is what they consider "coffee" to taste like. We carefully roast to this level only with coffees that are able to still exhibit some character while avoiding bitterness. Done right, it can still present a very smooth cup.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us and we'll try our best to help.


We are grateful to Cafe Imports, one of our green coffee importers for the use of their maps of the various countries for use on our website.